Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maya Guez photographs GADI 21 Minerals campaign

Here is yet another successful beauty and skin care campaign I was commissioned to shoot that has just been released. This company "GADI 21 minerals" is based in London where it has 6 flagship stores, it offers a line of luxury skin care products based on 21 essential minerals to enhance and improve your skin. Gadi 21 minerals also distributes to high end department stores in Europe and the UK.
Check out the web site:

Gadi 21 minerals Campaign photography and art direction by Maya Guez, Hair by Leo Eley featuring model Anelisa Durham. Here are some more shots from this campaign click on image to view larger :

You can see the advertising featured in Magazines Internationaly and in Media posters in London

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  1. Such beautiful images! I have seen them recently on Oxford street when i was in London! made me go into the store! LOL I got the face cream, its really good! Had no idea u took these...congratulations! xo Cassandra